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Acrylic Painting

Drawing of Reindeer

My Favourite Character


Here's our most popular workshop! 

Suitable for children to adults, choose your favourite character to draw and paint on the canvas.


Create something special that will be yours forever.

Standard Workshop: 150mins

Advanced Workshop: Available too!

Age 4 & up

Lamp Post

Big Canvas Painting



Why paint on a small canvas, when you can do an elaborate HUGE CANVAS PAINTING?

Per Session: 90mins

Complete in 4/6/8 Lessons

Age 4 & up



2:30pm | 4:30pm | 7:00pm

 SATURDAYs  Subject to availability

9:00am | 10:30am | 1:30pm | 3:30pm

 SUNDAYs  Subject to availability

9:00am | 10:30am | 1:30pm | 3:30pm

Expressive Abstract Art
Painting Session (for Kids, Teens / Adults)


Sessions enable participants to create unique therapeutic expressions through free brush strokes, aiding in the release of built-up tensions from stress and overwhelming tasks.

Abstract Art's essence lies in its freedom from singular meaning or narrative, prioritising collaboration and imagination over storytelling.


Painting Session: 90mins

Age 6 & up

Luffy D. Astronaut_small.jpg

Luffy D. Astronaut


Gomu Gomu No~~~

Embark on an out-of-this-world adventure with Luffy in a cool cosmo suit! Do you think the straw hats will ever sail out of earth into the galaxy? It sure is a nice thought.

Standard workshop: Available too!

Intermediate workshop: ~150mins

Age 7 & up

KungFu Panda Rock the Uni_small.jpg

Kung Fu Panda

Rock the Universe


Embrace the spirit of Kung Fu Panda reigning supreme atop a distant planet amidst a breathtaking galactic vista.


Let your creativity soar as you paint this captivating scene and channel the courage and determination of the legendary panda warrior.


Standard workshop: 150mins

Age 7 & up

Mini Canvas Magnet_small.jpg

Mini Canvas

Fridge Magnets


Zoom in on the art of miniature painting as you master the craft on tiny canvases! Create delightful fridge magnets from mini canvases, infusing your kitchen decor with a touch of irresistible charm.

Standard Workshops: 150mins

(Set of 4 Mini Canvas Magnets)

Also available as Craft Camp

Age 6 & up




Float among the stars with our enchanting Cinnamoroll painting workshop! Dive into a galaxy of creativity as you paint this beloved character drifting gracefully on a twinkling star.

Standard workshop: 150mins

Age 6 & up

Jujutsu Kaisen_small.jpg

Jujutsu Kaisen


Dive into the supernatural world of Jujutsu Kaisen in this thrilling workshop. Capture the essence of sorcery and battle as you bring your favourite characters to life on canvas.

Intermediate workshop: ~150mins

Age 9 & up




Step into the shadows with Venom! Dive deep into the dark and twisted world of this iconic Marvel anti-hero as you create your own symbiotic masterpiece. Embark on an electrifying journey through the spider-verse with us!

Standard workshop: 150mins

Age 6 & up

Powerpuff Me.jpg

Powerpuff Me


Sugar, Spice, and Everything Nice! Transform yourself into a lovable pint-sized hero at our Powerpuff Me workshop.


Exude the charm of a Powerpuff hero as you paint your own unique Powerpuff portrait. Bring your adorable superhero alter ego to life now!

Standard workshop: 150mins

Age 6 & up




Immerse yourself in the dynamic realm of comics as we guide you through creating your own Spider-Man masterpiece. Challenge a top-down view that adds a unique and intriguing twist. Swing into action with your paintbrush and bring your favourite web-slinger to life on canvas.

Standard workshop: 150mins

Intermediate workshop: Available too!

Age 6 & up

Vincent Van Gogh Inspired.jpg

Vincent van Gogh

Inspired Painting


Immerse yourself in the captivating world of Vincent van Gogh's iconic artistic style in our workshop. Discover the vibrant hues, bold brushstrokes, and swirling textures that define his unique approach to art.


Channel your inner Van Gogh with us today.

Standard/Intermediate Workshop: 150mins

Age 6 & up

Pokémon Card Painting.jpg

Pokémon Card Painting


Calling fans of Pokémon card games! Be it the classic trading cards, Tretta or Ga-Olé, have you thought about immortalizing your cherished Pokemon card with a unique canvas painting?

Think no further. Gotta paint 'em all!


Expert Workshop: 150mins x 2days

Advance Workshop: Available too!

Age 6 & up




The wholesome animated series has struck the hearts of young and old, and that includes us.

Continue Bluey's adventures into a canvas painting reminding us of the the values of family, love, support and the fun and joys that comes with it.


Standard/Intermediate Workshop: 150mins (Poster's artwork is intermediate workshop)

Age 6 & up




You love Minecraft. You love creating beautiful buildings and scenery in a sandbox pixel world. Or simply just enjoying the thrill of surviving? Join us in the real world creation of your favourite game character (or item) from the world of Minecraft, right onto the canvas!


Standard workshop: 150mins

Age 6 & up


Spy X Family


Not enough of action from the Spy x Family? Thinking about Anya Forger all day, or maybe you are secretly rooting for #damianya?

Get some drawing & painting actions with us!

Choose your favourite character(s) from the hit anime series at our Art Camp / Workshops!

Standard Workshop: 150mins (one face)

Art Camp: Available too

Age 7 & up


Princess Portrait


Our favourite princesses are here again! Now with a touch of kawaii-anime style. 

Sparkle and bedazzle your room with a princess painting by yourself. Join our workshop for a magical painting fun.

Standard / Intermediate Workshop: 150mins

Age 7 & up



Wednesday from The Addams Family is the talk of the town.

Either the realistic version or cartoon version. Be sure to channel the vibes of the Addams. Choose the one you like. It all lies within your hands.

Standard (Cartoonized): 150mins

Intermediate Workshop (realistic): 165mins

Age 7/8 & up