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Regular Art Classes

We offer a variety of classes. Choose the one that suits your budding artist best!

Art and Craft class

For the really young explorers


Foundation Art Course

In a short course format rather than a regular class; Foundation Art  Course provides a unique and fun learning experience for little artists. It is designed to help young artists explore, enhance and develop their knowledge and fundamental skills. We believe in nurturing creativity in children and helping them develop skills that will last a lifetime.


Our curriculum includes fully guided lessons on elements of art, and various mediums such as Acrylic Paints, Watercolours, Oil pastels, Clay and more. Join us today and explore the wonderful world of art.

Age 3- 5

The Best of All Worlds



A notable program designed to allow children of ages 3 and above to immerse in a world of mixed
media art. Our classes help little artists explore, enhance and further develop their creative skills by
introducing exciting themes in class. Various mediums such as Acrylic Paints, Watercolours, Oil
pastels and more will be introduced in this program.

Our curriculum includes basic understanding of drawing, various painting techniques and exploration
of texture in 2D and 3D artworks.

Age 3-4/ 5 & up 

Drawing Takes Time, One Step at a Time.



An enjoyable leisure program designed to allow students to develop basic drawing and colouring skills. New themes and topics are being introduced and explored in class every week. Our instructors provide a step-by-step teaching method and the use of repetition to help enhance student’s drawing skills.

Our curriculum includes themes such as popular cartoon characters, easy landscape sceneries, everyday objects and more. The use of common dry mediums such as pencils, colour pencils and markers will be taught in class.

Age 6 & up

Paint Your Dreams with a Touch of Magic


Canvas Wizard

A concentrated program that is designed for students to enhance their creativity and painting skills.
Various exciting themes are introduced in class for discussions and explorations. Students get to experience and understand many different techniques and styles of paintings, with the use of
multiple art tools such as brushes, sponges and palette knives.


Our curriculum includes Colour Theory, various painting techniques and styles and knowledge of art

Age 6 & up

Master the Art of Sketching

Sketching Class

Sketcher Master

A concentrated program designed to allow budding little artists to develop their technical skills. Dry mediums such as charcoals, graphite pencils, colour pencils and more, are introduced in class.
Practises and technical explorations in class are to be done in our sketchbooks however, selected themes require little artists to explore on bigger surfaces.

Our curriculum includes understanding various pencils types and techniques, the use of drawing tools, understanding different charcoal types and colour mixing with colour pencils. Observational sketches are also conducted to allow students to acquire the knowledge of highlighting, toning and shading.

Age 7 & up