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Crafts x Artivity

Drawing of Reindeer

Candy Cottage


Design and paint your own whimsical Candy Cottage. Add a touch of sweetness with decoden cream, syrups, a delightful array of candies, pastries, and sprinkles. Just like a gingerbread house, without the worry about ants. A unique decoration that can be reused for many years. (Note: The Candy Cottage is inedible).

Advanced Workshop: 180mins

Intermediate Workshop: Available too!

Also available as Craft Camp

Age 4 & up

Lamp Post

Shrink Plastic

Keychain Making


Experience the magic as your creations shrink and transform into charming accessories right before your eyes! From quirky shapes to vibrant colours, create keychains that are as unique as you are. Don't miss this chance to add a touch of handmade flair to your everyday essentials.

Mini Workshop: 90mins (1 Keychain)

Basic Workshop: 120mins (1 Intricate Keychain)

Also available as Craft Camp

Age 4 & up

Craftimals - Woodland_small.jpg

Woodland Craftimals


Introducing Woodland Craftimals! Enjoy acrylic painting on various sizes of wooden peg dolls. With five charming woodland craftimals to choose from, allowing you to bring your favourite forest friends to life with vibrant colours and creativity.


Explore the magic of the forest with us now!

Mini Workshop: 90mins (2 Woodland Craftimals)

Also available as Craft Camp

Age 6 & up

Craftimals - Woolly_small.jpg

Woolly Craftimals


Woolly Craftimals are here! This craft involves using paper animal base and wrapping it with yarn to create fluffy, woolly animals. It's a fantastic way for kids to explore texture and colour while honing their motor skills. Create these adorable, fuzzy creatures now!

(1 Woolly Craftimal)

Standard Workshop: 150mins: Sheep/Alpaca

Intermediate Workshop: 165mins:

Orangutan/Komondor Dog/Woolly Mammoth

Also available as Craft Camp

Age 5 & up

Craftimals - Collage.png

Collage Craftimals


A craft filled with painting, cutting and pasting that kids will love to make. These Collage Craftimals are a fun way to practice motor skills and unleash the creative side.


Create the unique and colourful Craftimals now!

Mini Workshop: 90mins (2 Collage Craftimals)

Also available as Craft Camp

Age 4 & up

Mini Canvas

Fridge Magnets


Zoom in on the art of miniature painting as you master the craft on tiny canvases! Create delightful fridge magnets from mini canvases, infusing your kitchen decor with a touch of irresistible charm.

Basic Workshops: 120mins

(Set of 4 Mini Canvas Magnets)

Also available as Craft Camp

Age 5 & up