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Watercolour Techniques on Canvas


Watercolour is a relaxing medium that requires some skills. Paint a beautiful piece your soul is craving for, be it scenery, plants, animals or whatever you fancy with us now!

Standard Workshop: 150mins

Advance Workshop: Available upon request

Age 7 & up

Drawing of Reindeer
Lamp Post

Autumn Bloom


Autumn marks the transition from summer to winter. The colours on the leaves are turning from green to yellow to red.

This combination of harmonious colours also known as an analogous colour palette, is difficult to go wrong when painting – they just blend together so beautifully!


Standard Workshop: 150mins

Age 8 & up


Set of 4 Watercolour



Don't have an appetite for the full blown watercolour on canvas?

Have a try with the medium on a smaller scale. Comes in a set of 4, for the multiple books you are reading, or to spread the love to other bookworms like you!

Mini Workshop: 90mins

Age 5 & up


Demon Slayer

with Watercolour


Demon Slayer's visually stunning animation leaves a compelling urge for fans like us to create a piece of the anime series.

Learn to work with watercolour accompanied by your favourite character!

The Nezuko artwork in this poster falls under advance workshop.

Advance Workshop: ~180mins

Age 8 & up

Eiffel Tower in Watercolour


Ajoutez deux lettres à paris: c'est le paradis.

Paint the paradise of your dreams, the romantic landmark that you will feel like delving into right away.


Standard Workshop: 150mins

Age 7 & up



Existing Achievers Arts students enjoy

20% off workshop | $5 off mini workshop


PAssioncard at OTH enjoys 5% off

(applicable for Standard & Intermediate workshop only)

Playing with Matches
A Natural Girl
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