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Digital Art

Digital Art

with Procreate


In a world where digital arts are getting increasingly common, creating art digitally has been getting more popular and an incredible tool for the professionals.

Digital art is a whole other form of creation and field, different from the traditional art.

At Achievers arts, we will provide you with the basics needed to embark on your digital creation journey.

Each Level: 8 Lessons

Each Session: 90mins

Age 8 & up


Level 1: Introduction and Basics

- Introduction to Procreate

- Using of Layers

- Understanding Colours

- Applying Filter and Effects

- Use of Different Brushes

- Creating Artworks

Level 2:  To Be Announced


Digital Art Package A

For students with own Apple iPad, Apple Pencil with Procreate installed

Digital Art Package B

For students to rent the Apple iPad, Apple Pencil with Procreate installed from the studio during lesson.

Little Red Riding Hood

Fashion Illustration is also Available as Workshops




There are no promotion for this course

Playing with Matches
A Natural Girl
Fox with Balloons
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