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Still Life Studies: Study the meticulous rendering of everyday objects, honing your ability to capture detail and realism with precision and skill.


Observational Skills Refinement: Sharpen your ability to observe and interpret the world around you, translating observations into compelling artworks.

Mastery of rules of Perspective: Explore the principles of linear, and multi-point perspective, mastering techniques to create depth and spatial relationships in your compositions.

Usage of Different Mediums: Explore a variety of artistic materials, from traditional paints to pastels, and charcoal, and discover how to combine them in a single artwork to create diverse effects, harmonies, and personality.

In-depth Techniques on Mediums: Deepen your understanding of specific mediums, learning advanced techniques to achieve desired artistic effects. Experiment with different surfaces, including canvas, watercolor paper, and art boards, to enhance your creative expressions.

Practices and Creative Explorations: Engage in artistic exercises and experimental projects, cultivating creativity and broadening your artistic horizons.

Execution of Final Works based on Individual Ideas: Bring your unique artistic vision to life, from conceptualization to realization, guided by your own creativity and inspiration.

Presentation and Discussion skills honing: Learn to articulate your artistic concepts and processes effectively, preparing you for professional presentations and critiques.

Prepare your portfolio for success with Portfolio Art. Enrol now and unlock the gateway to your artistic aspirations.


- Portfolio Art -

Portfolio Art

Portfolio Art offers a distinguished opportunity for self-motivated and disciplined students to cultivate their portfolios for future school admissions or personal achievements. Through a variety of project themes, students explore and enrich their creative thinking and understanding of art history. Occasional critique and writing sessions foster self-confidence and an appreciation of diverse perspectives, preparing students for future interviews.

This program encourages students to express their thoughts and ideas freely while acquiring basic to advanced skills to execute their works effectively.

 Teacher : Students Ratio 

1 : 5

Age 10 & up

 Class duration 

120 mins


(Please check with us on availability of classes)

Wednesdays to Fridays

4:00pm to 6:00pm

7:00pm to 9:00pm


Saturdays and Sundays

10:00am to 12:00pm

1:00pm to 3:00pm


Each term consists of 10 lessons.

One time registration fees is applicable.

A T-shirt, Apron, Artist Sketch Book, & Bag will be given to new sign ups.

 Art Supplies 

Due to hygiene concerns, students are required to bring their own supplies.

Portfolio Art Set is available for purchase at our studio.


(Promotion are valid for a limited period and subject to change without prior notice)

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