Gems Bracelets


Every little princess has a special lucky charm with her. Some princesses has a flair for designing such charms.

Give your little princess the most magical bracelet they can have. Nothing beats designing one your own, with real gems and charms.

Mini Workshop: 60mins

Age 5 & up


Crafts & Stuffs

Lamp Post
Drawing of Reindeer


Personalized Frame


Everyone has a name. Royalties have a title that comes with their name.

Allow your little princess to wake up from her slumber with a reminder that she is special. One of a kind. Just like the picture in the frame which she painted herself. That she can achieve anything that she puts her heart to.

Mini workshop: 90mins

Age 5 & up


My Magical Unicorn


Channel your inner Magical Beast. Carry, use, display and hang it all around you.

Take your pick!

Notebook / Name Frame

Mini Workshop: 90mins each

Canvas Painting / Tote Bag / Dreamcatcher

Standard Workshop: 150mins each

Age 4 & up (Dreamcatcher, Age 6 & up)


My Notebook &

Tote Bag


Get Crafty and design a notebook cover with a variety of materials, putting together a very personalized notebook.

Or paint a unique artwork on a tote bag that you can proudly flaunt your art skills and character while on the move.


Mini Workshop: 90mins

Tote Bag

Standard Workshop: 150mins


Under the Sea

Treasure Chest


Ahoy! Use some interesting knick-knacks and paint to create your very own treasure chest! 


Under the Sea theme for the girls &

Pirate theme for the boys.

(Treasure chest box is functional)

Standard Workshop: 150mins

Age 5 & up


Design your own



Coffee, tea, or create a set of beautiful coasters that is sure to make a good conversation topic during a tea party.

Comes in a set of 4 coaster, create a set that will make the Madhatter proud!

Mini Workshop: 90mins

Age 4 & up



Existing Achievers Arts students enjoy

20% off workshop | $5 off mini workshop


PAssioncard at OTH enjoys 5% off

(applicable for Standard & Intermediate workshop only)

Playing with Matches
A Natural Girl